Help Save Happy Creek (update 12/1/2020)


Friends of the North Fork and other groups and citizens were able to put a stop order and save the creek from further damage. Front Royal’s Happy Creek Saved – Dec 2020

—- The Tree Stewards helped organize and stop the destruction —

Tree Stewards’ and other citizens’ demonstration was a success with over 75 participants.

At the Town Council Meeting on November 20th, the Council and Interim Town Manager showed their lack of taking responsibility or apologies the people. They blame on the contractor who cut the trees down, who supposedly was fired the day after it was found out these trees were cut. No apologies. Each Council member said they were not well educated about the impact of this work or the permitting process. The first 45 minutes of the meeting of this video shows several people from Save Happy Creek speaking to the council

Town Council Meeting

During recent heavy rain, the creek turned brown and all the debris left by the destruction was washed into the creek, and some of the black fencing failed.