Get Involved – Volunteer

Becoming a Tree Steward is only one of the many ways you can volunteer to help our community forest.  If you have limited time but would like the rewarding feeling of giving to your neighbors we invite you to consider some of these ideas.  The Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards would welcome your assistance as well as your own ideas to help us work together toward a common goal.  

Enjoy photography?  Take some photos of Tree Stewards in action, the Happy Creek Arboretum in the seasons, the Royal Shenandoah Greenway, your favorite tree, the  Tree Steward Booth at Festivals, the Shenandoah River and Park, Skyline Drive, Appalacian Trail etc. and then share them with us for the website and Facebook.  Can you take videos?

Enjoy writing?  Help us with public relations…write press releases, letters to the editor, grants for funding

Enjoy talking with people?    Spread the word about about the work the Tree Stewards are doing around Front Royal and let’s inspire the community to learn about trees, plant trees and care for them.  Talk to people about what we are doing and help us raise awareness and funds for more trees.

Enjoy listening?  Can you attend council meetings and let us know of current happenings in the Town and County.

Enjoy the outdoors and trees?  Work alongside Tree Stewards at pruning and planting work sessions to collect and dispose of branches and limbs.  Be on the lookout for litter at the Happy Creek Arboretum and along the Royal Shenandoah Greenway.

Enjoy working with your hands?  Consider tree-themed baking, knitting or other crafty projects for giveaways at our Festivals.

Enjoy working with kids?  The future of tree appreciation lies with our children.  The Tree Stewards hold 2 events each year when we actively engage with kids of all ages.  Help us with the games and events and learning materials to make these a hit.

Do you love Stewart our Mascot?  We need volunteers to be inside and mascot escorts to guide Stewart through the streets and parks for special events.

As you can see there are lots of opportunities to volunteer for as few or as many hours as you’d be comfortable with.  Please contact us at frwctreestewards@comcast.net and we will get you started.

We need you!