Arborists to the Rescue


  • When you need medical attention, you hire a Licensed PHYSICIAN.
  • When you need legal assistance, you hire a Certified LAWYER.
  • When you fly your children to Disney World, you hire a Licensed AIRLINE PILOT.
  • When you have your fancy automobile worked on, you hire a Certified AUTO MECHANIC.

When you have work done on beautiful trees on your property, why would you NOT hire a knowledgeable, experienced, qualified TREE EXPERT?

How to Find a Qualified Tree Professional

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certifies only people who have proven that their training, knowledge, and experience with trees qualifies them to be ISA CERTIFIED ARBORISTS.

Certified arborists know that no more than 20 to 25% of leaf mass (or potential leaf mass if the leaves have fallen) should be removed from a tree in any ONE YEAR. They know that unhealthy and unsafe growth will occur if those percentages are exceeded.

As a consumer, there are several questions to ask the person you are considering hiring to do work on your trees and their answers must meet YOUR STANDARDS.

  1. Do you recommend “topping trees?  If they answer YES, just say “No thank you, I will not be needing your services”
  2. Are you an ISA Certfied Arborist?  If the answer is NO, again say “No thank you, I will not be needing your services”.
  3. Do you have liability insurance?  If the answer is NO, say “No thank you, I will not be needing your services”.

Once you have gotten the answers you want, ask to see current ISA Certified Arborist documentation and proof of current Liability Insurance in force.

Take a moment to use the search on ISA’s Find An Arborist or Verify An Arborist web sites for current listing of that person as an ‘ISA Certified Arborist’. If they are not listed, their membership has been terminated for some reason which should cause you to again say “No thank you, I will not be needing your services.”

A short article Police Warning: Beware of door-to-door tree trimmers!

How to Decide on What Work is to be Done

Once you are satisfied with the credentials of the arborist, then discuss the work you want done.
Ask for his/her advice on what work they would recommend that you need done and why. Once you agree on the scope of work to be done, get a written estimate of:

  1. The specific work to be done, including removal and disposal of trimmings.
  2. The cost of the work to be done.

Healthy mature trees are known to increase property values because of the appeal which they foster. Besides providing a beautiful setting for your home, trees are a very wise investment!

Trees Are Good is an ISA web site containing excellent articles about tree care, pruning, mulching, why hire an arborist, and other information.

Always remember… You are the customer!
You decide what gets done to your trees!

Authorize no more than you want done. Pay no more than you are willing to pay.