Best Practices

Best Practices

“There are two great times to plant trees:  The first was 20 years ago – the other is now.”



You’d like to plant a tree.  Now what?  Here are some things you should consider

  • Site Selection – What are the soil conditions?  How much light will the site receive?  Are there utilities or buildings to consider?
  • Tree selection – Are you looking for color, height, shade?  Does the tree prefer wet roots or dry?
  • Tree quality – Does the tree look healthy?  Good leaf color? Any branch or root damage?
  • Transportation – How will you get the tree home?
  • Planting – How deep and wide should you dig the hole?  What to do with the grass? In a container or a burlap ball?
  • Staking – To stake or not to stake?

 You’ll find a wealth of information about Planting a Tree at these websites.

Arbor Day Foundation

Here is a step-by-step video from Tree People