All About Trees

The Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards are happy to announce that we have changed the format for our acclaimed “All  About Trees” course. The Tree Stewards have been holding an annual class for residents and future Tree Stewards for over 20 years.  Between the pandemic and the trend toward online learning we wanted to make it easier for participants to learn the course material at their own pace and for free.  Education is a primary piece of our mission.

To that end, we will be offering FREE Mini-Events and multiple approaches to learning such as hands-on workshops, in-person or online programs and relevant videos to gain knowledge about best practices in the selection, planting, maintenance, and pruning of trees.  We encourage families to take advantage of this new format.

How do I complete the Course for Certification?

  • Attend the Mini Events as outlined (approximately 25 hours at your own pace)
  • Download the Trees Virginia “Tree Steward Manual” as your guide
  • Use the “Becoming a Tree Steward” form to track your progress

All About Trees is based on the Trees Virginia “Tree Steward Manual,” developed by the Virginia Urban Forest Council

Course Modules

  • What is a Tree and How Does it Grow
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
    Environmental Factors, Pests & Diseases
  • What is that Tree?
    Tree Walks and Tree Identification
  • Right Tree, Right Location
    Landscaping with trees
  • Planting A-Z
  • Pruning
    Tool care and proper use
    Identifying hazard tree
  • Invasive vs. Native
  • Trees in the Community
    Urban Forestry

When course material is complete you will receive a certificate and T-shirt to become an official “Volunteer for the Urban Forest” and a member of the Front Royal Warren County Tree Stewards.  We invite you to consider joining the Tree Stewards a few hours a month to maintain the beautiful parks, street trees and green spaces where we all live and play.

Families of all ages are welcome!

Tree Identification Video with Karen Snape, Extension Forester