Tree Stewards

What Matters Interview

Tree Stewards are volunteers of many ages and from varied backgrounds who share a love of trees and recognize the importance of trees to the quality of life in towns and cities.

To become a Tree Steward, you must complete the “All About Trees” training program and give 25 hours of volunteer service each year. Graduates of the training program are classified as Tree Steward Interns and they are invited, but not required, to commit to 25 hours of volunteer service. Interns who complete the volunteer service requirement are certified as Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards.

Volunteer activities include tree plantings, Arbor Day celebrations, informational booths at local festivals, newspaper articles, and pruning and mulching of publicly-owned trees. The Tree Stewards welcome all citizens who care about trees and want to help their community to be a better place to live. For more information email: