All About Trees Class 2020 Contest

To enter, answer correctly the four questions below and email your answer to:

  1. The FIRST correct response received will get free tuition to All About Trees Class 2020.
  2. The SECOND correct response received will get a $25 gift certificate to Springtime Nursery.
  3. The THIRD correct response received will get a $15 gift certificate to The Kiln Doctor.

PART A: Identify the two trees shown below.

Pictures of their leaves are included to help you. Both of these trees can be found at the Happy Creek Arboretum. Go and visit the arboretum to find them or use any book or online tree id to help.

1. Tree# 1 – the roots of this tree was previously used to make root beer!

2. Tree #2 –  The silvery blue-green color of the needles of tree give a clue to it’s name.

PART B: Answer the following two questions.

Answers can be found on our website: main menu, upper left, About Us.

1. Which of the following are things that Tree Stewards do for the community?

  • a. Plant trees
  • b. Hold Arbor Day celebrations
  • c. Write newspaper articles about tree related topics
  • d. Help the town of Front Royal and Warren County by pruning and mulching publicly owned trees.
  • e. Provide tree related information at information booths at local festivals and events.
  • f. All of the above.

2. What year was the Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards’ 20th anniversary?

        * Sorry, current Tree Steward members are not allowed to enter!