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"All About Trees"

Each year the Tree Stewards offer the "All About Trees" course. Course participants learn proper planting, maintenance, and pruning of trees. Our knowledge of trees is constantly changing as we learn more about these fundamental elements of our natural world. These annual training sessions strive to keep up with this evolving knowledge.

Tree graphicTraining will include:

  • Basic tree anatomy, biology and life functions
  • Soils, water and nutrition
  • Selecting the right tree for the right spot
  • Tree identification
  • Tree ID Walk (field trip)
  • Landscaping with trees
  • Planting and site analysis
  • Tree Health and care
  • Pruning and identifying hazard trees that should be removed.
  • Pruning Demo and Tools (field trip)
  • Urban Forestry
  • Class Tree planting

The program uses materials from "Trees Virginia," developed by the Virginia Urban Forest Council. Classes are taught by ISA certified arborists, nurserymen, landscapers, horticulturalists, and Tree Stewards.  The course ends with the hands-on planting of a "Class Tree."

CEUs available for ISA Arborists.

2018 Class

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings beginning September 4, 2018  at the Warren County Government Center.  Class Fee is $75 per person or $120 per couple.  Early Registration Fee is $65.



2018 Schedule

TUESDAY, Sept. 4, 2018: 7‐9 pm         Introduction - Unit 1: How Trees Grow - Unit 2: Tree Roots & Shoots

TUESDAY, Sept. 11, 2018 – 7‐9 pm      Unit 4: Tree Identification

     SATURDAY, Sept. 15, 2018 ‐ 9 am – 12 noon      Tree Identification Walk

TUESDAY, Sep 18, 2018 – 7‐9 pm        Unit 9: Tree Pruning

     SATURDAY, Sep 22, 2018 ‐ 9am – 12 noon        Hands‐On Pruning

TUESDAY, Sep 25, 2018 – 7‐9 pm        Unit 3: Tree Life functions -  Unit 6: Soils and Water

     SATURDAY, Sept 29, 2018      Tour State Arboretum of VA at Blandy Farm

TUESDAY, Oct. 2, 2018 – 7‐9 pm         Unit 10: Tree Problems

     SATURDAY, Oct. 6, 2018          Hands-on Pruning or Tree Identification Walk (TBA)

TUESDAY, Oct. 9, 2018 ‐ 7‐9 pm       Unit 5: Trees in the Community -  Unit 11: Trees and People

     (SATURDAY OCT 13 – NO CLASS –  Festival of Leaves)

TUESDAY, Oct. 16, 2018 ‐ 7‐9 pm       Unit 8: Tree Planting and care, Tool care & Safety

     SATURDAY, Oct. 20, 2018 9 am – 12 noon        Plant Class Tree  - Graduation Certificates

Note: Unit numbers refer to chapters in the Tree Stewards Training Manual (provided at first class)

Class Location:  Warren County Government Center, Rm. 602 (unless otherwise indicated)

 2017 AAT Class Tree Planting

                         Class of 2017


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The Royal Shenandoah Greenway is a system of paths and trails to support active and healthy living and appreciation of nature for local residents and visitors of all ages. The Greenway connects Front Royal’s educational, recreational, historical, and commercial areas.


Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Razoo specializes in donations for nonprofits and allows you to use credit cards.

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